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JJPlus Technologies

Established in 2004, JJ Plus is a designer and manufacturer of industrial grade and high power WIFI solutions. It is a 250+ employee company supported by two well-run veteran enterprise groups with focused areas in development, manufacturing, and service of products for RF/Microwave embedded customers.

The Sales and Technology Office in the US offers application, marketing, and customer services. 
The Design Center in Taiwan offers design, documentation, and low volume production.
The Manufacturing Base in Taiwan offers high quality volume production.
20+ Years history in SMT and contract manufacturing of RF/Microwave sub-systems.

Business Specialties 
Innovation in Cost Down Manufacturing
Flexibility in Custom Specification Design 
Organization in Volume Module Production 
Internal Supplies for Material Cost Control 
Comprehensive Product Knowledge Base 
Commitment to Total Quality Management 
Responsiveness in Customer Service

Technology and Capability 
Contract Manufacturing (CM) Services 
SMT and DIP Electronic Contract Manufacturing 
High Precision Machine Shop Service 
Thin Film and Hybrid Assemblies
In-House Semiconductor Component Design 
Product Integration Manufacturing 
Integration Design Solutions Amplifiers, including MMICs Filter, Diplexer, and Peripheral Components Frequency Up/Down Converters and Selectors Phase Locked Oscillators and Synthesizers 
Embedded Digital Circuit Boards Core Competency in CM Cost Down Solutions Reliability Performance 
Excellent Quality Control Solution 
Examples Repeater Modules Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) Transceiver and Outdoor Units (ODU)

Engineering Expertise 
Veterans of Silicon Valley specialized in RFIC, RF hybrid module, and embedded systems 
Talent from Taiwan experienced in cost design and manufacturing methodologies 
Comprehensive material utilization adopts best tradeoff between cost and performance 
Semi-standard module library established for fast prototyping and low cost manufacturing

Comprehensive RF OEM Operation 
JJPlus owns and operates world-class manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Based on lean manufacturing techniques modeled after the consumer electronics industry, with ISO9001 certified manufacturing operation utilizes sophisticated, high-speed, and automated assembly equipment to support mid- to high-volume production requirements for complex microwave and millimeter assembly. This is one of their key differentiators.

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