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QR:  Gigabyte GL-RP1-1000 portable LAN surge protector for laptops, desktops, servers, routers and all network devices with a RJ45 connection port


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Gigabyte GL-RP1-1000 portable LAN surge protector for laptops, desktops, servers, routers and all network devices with a RJ45 connection port


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Protect your network devices and computers with this innovative power surge protection product!

Lightning Guardian Angel

# Save time and money by avoiding system downtime and repairs
# Assures integrity and stability of data communications
# Strengthens system immunity against electrostatic discharges
# Thumb-size for optimal portability
# Modular and compact design
# Easy installation – simply clicks on
# Tested in accordance with IEC 61000-4-5

The Lightning Guardian Angel is the world's most portable LAN surge protector.
When users connect to their local area network (LAN), lightning and power surges cause disconnection from the Internet and damage to motherboard LAN chips. Eventually, the LAN chip will cease to function causing great inconvenience possibly entailing a difficult and costly recovery process. The Lightning Guardian Angel, GIGABYTE's patent-pending LAN surge protector, is the best solution on the market to protect your system. The Lightning Guardian Angel has been precisely engineered to provide innovative circuit protection. It will protect all equipment with an RJ45 connection from surges coming through the LAN. The Lightning Guardian Angel will help users maintain a stable LAN connection and prevent future LAN chip damage caused by any external factor (e.g. lightning, power grid, microwave, elevator and other high-power electrical devices, etc.). 

Color Red / Black
Performance Protection Line to Line: 1000V / Line to Ground: 3500V Protection.
# LAN support 10/100Mbps LAN / 10/100/1000Mbps LAN (Optional) RJ45
# Connector:RJ45
# Interface Typical capacitance: 3pF
# Clamping voltage (RMS): 6V, protects all wires 1-8
Certification CE, US patent-pending
Voltage protection 1000V
Continuous operating voltage  5V (Maximum)
Rated current 0.2 Amps
Impulse reset time  110 us
AC durability 6.5V
Impulse durability  +- 1KV for 1.2/50 us, +- 1KV for 10/700 us surge signal
# Transmission characteristics Insertion Loss less than 0.5 dB
# Return Loss less than -19 dB
# Bit error ratio 0

Additional Information


Brand GigaByte
Manufacturer GigaByte


OS Support WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Apple OSX
Requirements RJ45 ethernet cable connection port


Warranty 1 Year RTB
Contents Color black



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